History of CURTCO Inc.

Curtis and his Dad Curtis Rich Sr
Founder Curtis Tool Company

CURTCO Inc. began in 1960 as the Curtis Tool Company in Miami, Florida. The company is now located in Crystal River, FL, which is about an hour’s drive north of Tampa. It was founded and operated by Curtis A. Rich, Sr., and was originally established as a custom tooling company, primarily focused on the manufacturing of rotary drilling products to better deal with the challenges of Florida's unique geological structure. For over 50 years, the company’s quality products have been in service all over Florida as well as offshore.

Over these five decades, the company’s line of products and services grew to provide more products related to the blast-hole and related industries. Most products are still custom manufactured at their facility, while the company now distributes other drilling-related products from various other quality manufacturers. Their "one source" concept makes it easier for project managers and purchasing agents to cover their needs for their project at hand and order from CURTCO, a trusted and qualified company.

Upon the retirement of Curtis Rich, Sr., the man who founded the company, his son, Curtis A. Rich, II, took over the reins of the business.

The transition was easy because while working with his father, young Curtis had decades of hands-on experience in the field as well as in manufacturing and management. Curtis continued to expand the business and now CURTCO serves more of the blast-hole industry throughout the United States and offshore.

The company recently relocated into a new plant and expanded their manufacturing operations. Along with the purchase of additional precision tooling equipment and the stocking of more parts, CURTCO is now an important supplier to many drilling operations in the nation. Some of the products now offered include single flute Kelly Bar manufacturing, custom designed rotary drill bits, tri-cone roller bits and mud pump parts.

CURTCO still holds onto its machining roots by offering custom welding and metal grinding services which are all done in-house by their trained technicians. Regardless of the size of the project, each order is given the "Curtis Touch." The products are produced using some of the best equipment available and qualified technicians who follow the precise calculations required by each client’s needs.

Curtis A. Rich, II, is proud to be able to carry on the family business and the continued servicing of many of the customers they’ve had since the company was established in 1960.

"There is nothing more gratifying to speak with and serve the same customers my father did for so many years. And a day doesn’t go by that I tell my family how grateful I am to have so many new customers beyond the state of Florida. As the company’s base grows, so does my excitement," said Curtis Rich, II.

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