Machine Shop Capacities


At CURTCO we offer the following machine shop services to assist area industries. Please let us know how we can fulfill your needs.

  1. Lathe;
    Turning: Maximum 17" Diameter x 36" Length
    Boring: Maximum 25" Diameter x 12" Depth
    Taper: Maximum 15*
    Threading: All Standard Threads
    Long Bar: Maximum 7" O.D. x 30' Length

  2. End Mill;
    Horizontal: Straight Cut, Stock Removal, Key-way, Wood-ruff Key-way
    Vertical: Boring, Key-way, Precision Hole Location and Drilling,
    Multiple Hole Pattern Drilling, Fly Cutting, Wood-ruff Key-way
    Jig Bore: Large Capacity Material, 360* Rotary Table for Precision
    Indexing of Parts w/ Multiple Operation, Boring, Drilling,
    Fly Cutting, Internal & External Stock Removal.

  3. Drill Press; Layout and Drilling up to 1-1/2"

  4. Hydraulic Press; 50 Ton Capacity

  5. Pipe / Tube Straightening
    100 Ton Capacity
    Maximum: 10" O.D. x 30' Length

  6. Band Saw; Non Precision

  7. Miscellaneous;
    Machining of Mild, (some) Alloy, (some) Stainless Steel,
    all Nonferrous Metals
    Broach Internal Key-ways, Non-blind Hole Gears, Sprockets, Collars, Etc.
    Tap & Die
    Counter sink and Counter Boring of Holes
    Precision Fixture Manufacturing fro Drill Press and Mill working Steels.

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